Even greener: our shoes made from recycled PET plastic

Plastic pollution is a growing problem on our planet. Too often, plastic waste is improperly disposed of and ends up in the seas and oceans. This has serious consequences and can not only unbalance natural ecosystems, but also destroy them. With our Eco Line, we want to make a small contribution to the protection of the seas, to ensure a more sustainable life. We would like to give you some information about ocean PET and introduce you to our super comfortable leisure shoes, which we create from this recycled plastic material.


When plastic waste is dumped into the oceans, it can have fatal consequences for ecosystems and marine life. Furthermore, when plastic floats in the sea for a long period of time, the material breaks down into smaller and smaller pieces, until the particles are barely visible. In order to make a small contribution to solving a massive problem, we developed shoes made of recycled PET ocean plastic for the first time in 2019, namely our Eco Ballerinas. In 2022, we launched our Eco Slides, mules with sustainable seaweed soles. In 2023, this line of eco-friendly products will be completed by another model, namely our Eco Sneakers. But before we present our shoes in more detail, we must first clarify one important question:

What exactly is PET plastic?

PET stands for polyethylene terephthalate and is a recyclable and reusable plastic, generally considered safe and non-toxic. In order to produce recycled PET, plastic waste is shredded, intensively cleaned and melted. The result is new and varied products. A large proportion is used for PET bottles and packaging.

From plastic bottles to textiles

When one imagines fabrics and textiles made from plastic bottles, one probably thinks of rigid and inflexible materials. In reality, it is exactly the opposite, because once the plastic bottles are crushed, melted and spun into a fine yarn, the resulting final product is very soft and flexible. Thanks to our proven GIESSWEIN 3D knitting process, the PET lining of our shoes becomes even more flexible, allowing the knit fabric to fit the shape of the shoe nicely. Shoes made of recycled PET are durable and robust and can even be cleaned in the washing machine at 30 °C without any problems.

From a plastic bottle all the way to knitted fabric

From plastic bottles to chic ballerinas

Whether with a light summer dress or a chic pantsuit for the office, Eco Ballet Flats from GIESSWEIN are sure to complete your outfit. In addition to the different colors that combine beautifully, you can also choose between the POINTY and ROUND models. The pointy Eco ballerinas impress with their slim and very feminine look. This shape not only makes the foot look slimmer, it also visually lengthens the leg. The round version, on the other hand, enchants with its girly and young touch. The Eco Ballerinas are as chic as they are durable!

Eco Ballet Flats

Eco Ballet Flats

Slides made from plastic bottles and seaweed

If you want to wear mules that are both comfortable and stylish on hot summer days, Eco Slides might be just what you need. In addition to the incredibly durable recycled PET upper material, the mules have also been given a special algae-based sole. Algae are important organisms that are responsible for a large part of oxygen production, but overpopulation can also have negative consequences. If there are too many algae in the water, they can die and decompose, depriving the water of vital oxygen. Algae are also characterized by incredibly fast growth and regeneration, which makes this raw material particularly sustainable. With Eco Slides the aquatic ecosystem is thus doubly protected: PET that is harmful to the ocean is removed from the seas and the growth of algae is controlled.

Eco Slides

Eco Slide Women Eco Slide Men

Everyday sneakers made of recycled PET bottles

The latest member of the Eco family from GIESSWEIN is the Eco Sneakers. These sneakers impress with their sustainable basic concept as well as their sporty and dynamic appearance. Like the Eco Ballerinas and Eco Slides, the Eco Sneakers are made of a 3D knitted fabric of recycled PET. For better support and stability, the upper has been made from a single piece of yarn, using an innovative tubular knitting process. Defined performance zones increase comfort in respective key areas. For the perfect balance of carefree and supportive, the sneakers feature a combination of a feather-light EVA sole and non-slip natural rubber pads. The Super-Grip rubber elements are specifically placed in the toe and heel area and guarantee support in everyday life. The design elements, some of which are in contrasting colors, also give the shoes a stylistic boost. With these sneakers, you protect the climate and the environment with every step!

Eco Sneaker

Eco Sneaker

Help protect the oceans!

With our Eco product line, we want to do our part and help rid the oceans of harmful plastic waste. Since the launch of our Eco Ballerinas, we have already succeeded in recovering a large number of plastic bottles from the ocean and putting them back into the production cycle. If you too want to help get PET plastic out of the oceans and into something new and sustainable, then say YES to recycling and choose your favorite product from the Eco line!

Eco Collection

From the beginning, we have placed a high priority on sustainable production. If you want to know more about our sustainability strategies, take a look at our Green Strategy.

GIESSWEIN Green Strategy

more Information:

Giesswein Green Strategy

Giesswein Green Strategy

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PET Plastic: Everything You Need to Know

PET Plastic: Everything You Need to Know

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